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Josh was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Seattle is the place he fell in love with the art of Tattooing and the very exciting Tattoo Culture. Josh began reading books on tattooing and learning from the talented local tattoo artists of Seattle. All Josh’s hard work paid off when he wasa invited to work at a very respected tattoo studio in South Beach Miami, “No, Not Miami Ink” just right across the street.

Josh loves all tattoos related to the Japaneese and Traditional Styles. Josh loves to employ the use of heavy lines, and blending bright colors. Josh also loves to create and tattoo Polynesian designs. Josh spent a lot of time with Polynesian tattoo artists from his home town, and he learned the proper way to structure the designs with meaning behind the symbols.

With all this said, Josh loves all tattooing, and his favorite part of tattooing is getting to know all of his customers and making their experience amazing. He loves to share his stories, and listen to the stories of his clients- he adimantly believes in building a lasting relationship with his customers.

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