• Trejen Portfolio


Trejen is a relatively new transplant to the beautiful emerald city of Seattle, and a new addition to the North West Creations tattoo roster.

With 17+ years of experience in the tattoo industry, Trejen has passion for large scale realism that shines through whether it is with oil painting or tattooing. Brightly colored and saturated fine art inked into skin, with the touch and technique of a fine artist, gives his color work a painterly look that translates to beautiful and powerful tattoo compositions. Not one to paint himself in a corner when it comes to tattoo, Trejen is also sought after for the other styles of tattoo he is passionate about, namely soft Black and Grey work as well as Neo-Traditional.

On top of all of this, Trejen loves the process of working with clients to bring their specific tattoo to life. Building relationships with friends and clients is most important and it actually is where he finds the most fulfillment. This and his love of art keeps him tattooing and creating, day in and day out, continually striving for an ever elusive perfection.

To schedule an appointment and/or check availability please email northwestcreationstattoo@gmail.com