A Guiding Light


Your Shot member Adrian Theze made this photograph at Staðastaður on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland. “I awoke to … perfect weather,” he writes, “so I decided to make the three-hour drive from Reykjavík to Snaefellsnes. As I drove the dawn skies were stunning, matching the scenery perfectly, and I [stopped] the car every few miles to take pictures. Driving along Snaefellsnesvegur toward Arnarstapi, I could see patches of light illuminating the mountainside in a kaleidoscope of pattern and color—but I needed a foreground subject to make my photograph. All I could see were fields and mountains, and I was beginning to give up hope, but then the church came into view. The sun broke through the clouds, bathing the church and mountainside in golden light.”

Theze’s shot was recently featured in the Daily Dozen.

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