Muddy Meet and Greet


A struggle to navigate a mud-bogged road in China’s Yunnan Province turned out to be a photo opportunity for Your Shot member Attila Balogh when a curious water buffalo calf studied his lens. “We were driving down a supposedly province-level highway,” he writes. “As it turned out, it was an unpaved road. June is rainy there, so we had a very difficult trip, with small lakes forming in the middle of the road, where we had to stop to [determine] if we [could] pass with our tiny car. At one of these stops we came across this water buffalo family … taking a dip in the deep mud at the roadside. They were practically immobile and very relaxed. I took out my fish-eye lens and slowly walked up to the calf, who was very interested in the shiny thing in my hand—his nose was about two centimeters from the lens.”

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